September 23, 2014

First a New Store

When we launched last year, we did it mainly to get a proof of concept live. We had so many people asking to buy the domain name and literally thousands of people asking to be notified when the site when live. We had very big plans for but we were also in the middle of contract work that pays the bills. So, we got v1.0 live and it generated a lot of traffic and it gave a glimpse of what was in store.

What we also did was launch v1.0 of our store and quite frankly, it was a piece of shit. So, we've started over, added a bunch of new product, brought on a great designer and added an entirely new product line (posters) that allows us to go in so many different directions.

We'll be making posts every once in a while, but mostly we'll use this store blog to answer questions and announce new product. We hope you like the new store and we can't wait to deliver the new very soon.